Smart Watch Ultra iw8

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1.High definition Bluetooth fairy tale, rest screen pointer, cover hand off screen, customized picture, APP background download
picture, two-dimensional code (download, connect two in one), find mobile phone, calendar, movement track, restart, message push, remote photography, Alipay, sleep monitoring, temperature monitoring, gas, blood pressure, voice assistant, my two- dimensional code, key definition settings, blood oxygen, breathing, dial, step counting, timer, menu style, factory restoration Settings
(screen off time, wrist up and screen on, NFC, brightness, key definition, vibration intensity, Do Not Disturb mode, password
settings, language, time and date settings, connection to APP, factory recovery, restart, shutdown, about), telephone (contacts, call records, dialing keyboard, call settings, emergency calls), calculator, heart rate, language selection, watch information, alarm
clock, sports mode, Bluetooth music, Bluetooth calls Stopwatch, screen off time, vibration intensity, time and date setting, password lock. 2.Pull down menu: Bluetooth switch, Do Not Disturb mode, brightness adjustment, one key lock screen, weather, power off, collection code, Tiktok, Alipay, constant light setting, NFC, setting, alarm clock, vibration switch, menu style, factory restoration. 3.Slide up menu: Recent tasks. 4.Right slide: time and date, emergency call, step counting, 4
recently used functions. 5.Left slide: add small programs (heart rate, blood pressure, sleep monitoring, blood oxygen, breath training, step counting, weather

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